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A pillowcase is something that most of us take for granted each night when we go to bed. However, for hospitalized children, it can mean the world. It can be the difference between feeling uncomfortable in a hospital bed as opposed to feeling at home.

Trying to bring some of the comfort of home to the hospital is the inspiration behind Angel Pillowcases, a volunteer organization designed to bring happiness to children in need, as well as raise money for research at Children’s of Alabama for children battling cancer.

Grace and classmate Harry, seniors at The Altamont School in Birmingham, formed the organization in 2012 to benefit the young patients hospitalized at Children’s of Alabama, one pillowcase at a time. They included “angel” in their organization’s name because angels are a uniform symbol of comfort and compassion.

As a young girl, Carroll made pillowcases as soon as she learned how to sew and donated them to patients at Children’s of Alabama. The designs of the pillowcases range from bicycles and whales, to flowers and cupcakes, and are made in bright vivid patterns and colors.

Angel Pillowcases was awarded a $1,000 grant from the Banking on Youth grant competition from PNC Bank to assist in the purchase of fabric to make the pillowcases.

The pillowcases are exclusively made with Michael Miller Fabrics from New York and are now made through a partnership with Alabama Industries for the Blind (AIB). AlB provides employment opportunities for adults who are legally blind or multi-disabled through the manufacture of products and the performance of service contracts. Alabama Industries for the Blind employs 278 people; creating limitless opportunities, providing training and building a strong community of independent people.

So the pillowcases not only help children at Children’s of Alabama, but they also provide job training and employment for legally blind or multi-disabled individuals in Talladega, Alabama.

$10 from each pillowcase funds pediatric cancer research at The Alabama Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders located at Children’s of Alabama.

The pillowcases are $25 each. All gifts are fully tax-deductible and go directly to Angel Pillowcases, a 501(c)3. To donate, please click the donate tab above.

For more information, please contact us at: bhamangelpillowcases@gmail.com.

Thank you!